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    I pray you will have an encounter with the risen Christ and that you will be blessed in every way this day.
    Do not worry, there is only 5 1/2 years to the Rapture in March 2021.

    Keep Praying Strong Brother.
    Private message is easy. Click on the username of a post in any thread and a drop down menu will appear. One of the options is "send a private message to..." if you click on it the set up for the message will begin. Or you could go to a user page (like your CP page where rep and neg rep is found) and do it there by the same process.
    See my response below to your post on the "questions for freelight" thread. I asked u Not to close the thread since it may provide others asking questions for creative dialogue. Anyways, do as you please...As I may starting some threads of my own. Anyways....I guess u have the right to do with your own threads as you please. Farewell.
    :) you can set your subscription notifications to receive responses instantly if you like for any given thread, or just look at your UserCP page regularly, or just check into the thread again. No rush.

    My former meditations on God as the source of both genders hold, correlating with all points relating to the polarity play of creation. I see the return and rightful place of the divine mother with the Father as essential, honoring the Goddess archetype, the feminine whose synergy with the masculine births creation.


    Such recognition honors The Creation and is the only worship that promises longevity (honor thy mother and father).
    hello LA, I'm not sure why you keep CLOSING the 'Questions for freelight' thread, as I cant respond or engage in discussions to a thread devoted to offering inquiries to me, if its closed :idunno: - its self-defeating. Just leave the thread open permenantly, like your other threads. We've already composed enough work there for the benefit or interest of others to just CLOSE it. I'm not understanding the point with that. thanks :)
    hello, I was going to respond and keep the discussion going. Sorry to see you were a bit hasty and closed the thread down. Could you re-open it? Anyways,....sometimes a person is busy with other projects, and has made a mental note to respond later, but gets carried away. A delay does not mean the other person has chosen to no longer respond or engage the discussion.
    hi LA,....could you respond back by hitting the 'View Conversation' button in lower right corner. this will take us to our own 'chat dialogue page', and then your response will go to my profile page, so I can see that you have responded. Otherwise I wont know if you responded. thanks! learn, expand and experiment :thumb: :surf:
    One Light IS. It is wherever there is movement, relativity, creation.....where light is reflected in variation, an inter-relating of information. In the differentiation of light manifesting is the colour-spectrum. It's just a natural part of light vibrating at different frequencies.
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