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  • However, it is not my desire to be brought down to their level, so I will just have to avoid all interaction with MADists from here on, in order to stay right with the Lord.
    Oh, I forgot ur not a 'subscriber'. Here is the comment meshak got banned for - "Trinitarians have killed many non-trins. Do you know that? ".
    yep, like I said :) - not sure,...apparently buying a life-time membership does not make you 'totally' immune from banning. Look in the woodshed on the reported post, only Knight could do such a ban on a life-time member,...I'm sure its just temporary.
    In retaliation for numerous and repeated insults made against my profile picture by MADists, I ridiculed heir's painted eyebrows, and was declared "unnecessarily disruptive and mean-spirited," They can dish it out, but they sure cannot take their own tactics. It was worth the 2-week ban. LOL!
    Don't think that was my term. I find little value on here any longer. I show up mostly just to get banned by showing them their inconsistencies...
    no, only lifetime subscribers can see how long someone is banned for (based on how many infractions they have already)
    Thank you for that, it was wonderful to read. I'll let it percolate a bit, and answer tomorrow, hopefully. Take good care.
    Hi Levelor. Thanks for your kind words, when I get a chance I'll send you a PM about my thoughts on SSM.
    Get a good digital camera. You can even get an SLR these days for under 500 if you don't mind an older model (and there's no reason to). It gives you real freedom, being able to take shots without worrying about film costs and being able to see what you're doing in real time instead of hoping you go the shot right.

    I enjoyed them, thanks. The larger photo of the sand and leaves, taken under a bridge on a morning when the whole affair was ice covered blows up into a huge bit that looks a lot like a painting and is one I mean to have on the wall in sections. I divided it into four parts that have their own personality and put one of them, my favorite, here. The rock stream was actually about thirty yards from the black and white bridge. Same cold morning. I love taking nature photos.

    I was trying different lens speeds with the birds, catching some as though perfectly still and others in their motion by degrees. I'm only just starting to get comfortable with the camera, but I think I have a knack for composition/line. I've been mentally taking shots all my life. Now I'm learning how to capture them so I'm not the only one who gets to see them.
    One of the things I love about people is our pattern recognition genius that has us seeing faces in wood and cloud and stream. You should look again at the sand and leaves. Faces there too. :)
    Not a bad idea, but if you're going to pray for him every time he misrepresents something you've got a full time job on your hands. :eek:
    It's always a no win situation with that sort...like trying to write jokes for a sociopath. ;) Have a lovely evening. :cheers:
    Couldn't hurt, but it will draw the beginning of a more particular attention from someone with impulse control issues, so I suppose it's a bit of a cost/benefit analysis, no?
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