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  • yes, right after thanksgiving 2 years ago. I'm sorry to hear about your financial troubles, i think most of us these days are not even close to as well off as they used to be - i don't understand where anyone is getting that the economy is so much better - but amen praise Him for the joy, love, mercy and grace that He gives us - my prayers for you and your family and many thanks for your prayers, may He bless you and keep you and yours always.
    Everything is ok, this time of the year is just a little hard for me still - thank you for being concerned about me :) How about you?
    God bless you too and thank you, i wish you and yours the same - i am so glad to see you back here! I'm sorry to hear that you have been ill but praise God you are better now. Ive been wondering if all was well with you since i hadn't seen you lately.
    Not a problem as I'm rarely in a hurry. :thumb:

    Look at my signature line. There's a link to the interview archive. It's not really invasive and is meant more to give a strong impression of the subject, not their address or social security number, by way of. :)
    I think that's one of the things that sets the creative mind apart. You can't invent without the ability to see the familiar in new ways. One of my friends said about Jack, "Finally, you have someone your own age to play with." Same sort of sentiment, I hope. :)
    I don't know...I think the main problem is that we can't see what we don't look for and if we're taking ourselves too seriously the chances are most of the humor in life will pass us by. And that's a shame. I'm constantly amazed at how much humor people miss when reading the Bible, by way of. Job has some great lines in it, but you have to be willing to allow that the God who made us doesn't mysteriously miss out on one of the crucial things that define us. :poly:
    He doesn't strike me as a particularly bad guy, just one with a real issue in terms of maturity. I hadn't noticed him much of late then I saw the "LOL"s and foot stomping. I loved him rushing to tell me my report of a couple of posts was "snitching" and then the way he scrambled for a distinction when I noted he had a better than 2 to 1 report ratio on me... :) People. We can be funny sometimes.

    I sent him the pos rep with a note, something like, "When it occurs to you at some point, no problem." I don't know if it ever will though.
    Thanks. I thought it was darn peculiar, if funny. I don't think CC is fully realizing that the teeth on neg rep have been pulled by the admin. One point? :chuckle: If you don't have a strong point to make it's a bit...pointless. :) Probably pointless anyway. I think I'll just let him/her have that satisfaction...maybe return a pos rep for the goofery.
    Thanks for the rep and the blessing. It's not a very popular subject is it? It would appear God's teaching on the subject isn't very popular either. :(
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