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  • Cool stuff, I'm glad its happening. Its happened in my dad too, especially on the foreign policy front. Our main economic disagreements stem from the whole limited government/anarcho-capitalism debate, and he still has some hangups about social policy (though he does understand the difference between libertarian and libertine) and his foreign policy still isn't perfect, but he's getting there. I sent him "American Atrocities" and his first reaction was agreement, though he did say he disagreed that American soldiers are murderers (this is a serious issue for me, and I think its a serious issue in the American church, but I took a long time to come around here as well) but he does pretty much agree with non-intervention.
    I'm banned until tomorrow (unlikely to be back on until monday, I have a graduation to go to tomorrow). I still don't actually know why. I made a guest post to ask why (For some reason the appeal email doesn't work). Its probably because I insulted Matt Collins, but I wasn't actually told why. I'll ask when I get unbanned.
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