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  • Lon, I eliminated some of the conversation in your box - getting rid of the ones started by you. That is a feature xenforo has. See if that helps.
    Yeah, I think we've hit all the notes. The NRA thread...coming up in THE gun culture (no one out guns the South) I learned to respect the weapon and what it can do productively, how it can be safely enjoyed else from my grandfather. I also learned to hold the cowboy approach in contempt. The crowd that values the AR over the lives of children is on my list. They uniformly rest their obsession on a fantasy of watering the tree of liberty, though you have to drag it out of some. It's as crazy as what rests beneath the artifice covering the flat earth nonsense...sheesh.
    I miss Reagan...though mostly I miss the Reagan who first ran for office. I think his second term was hijacked by the wrong crowd as he began to diminish.
    You can tell AMR if you'd like to get a Calvinist/Reformed Theology voice on there if you guys wanted to. If not that's ok too. Take care Lon, I'm not leaving here but not on as much. I'll leave links. God bless you and your family and friends/loved ones !!!
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    I tried to send a long PM -
    It's good to check back in every once in a bit. I've tried to migrate away from such acute argumentative formats like TOL. I become too emotional and incensed after a fairly short period of interaction, which has been my downfall in many ways in times past. I'm attempting to see if I can curb that, but TOL's MADists and Open Theists, etc. surely don't make it easy. I internalize too much stuff.
    Lon that post is in Dave's thread, post #4594 :e4e: Thanks, I didn't know you could hover and see the name like that. :)
    Convenient... Sorry Patrick. The 'lying' and then a total lack of understanding of gravity as well as saying my missionary pilot friends are liars by extension? I'm just not interested in doubling down after any of this Patrick. If you want to believe it, go ahead. :e4e: I'm done.
    There is an ice wall and more frozen tundra, nobody can make it to the edge yet and if they have they wouldn't say. Captains, Admirals and explorers have testified to the ice wall. Nobody can go north to south and back up the other side. Think of a beach ball and a toy plane. You can fly the toy plane all the way around north to south back to north in a toy plane but not a real plane. Who did it and when? Good luck.
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