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  • Hey, Tex, you need to ask your mom to get to the bottom of that thread of yours. The second page isn't showing up at all. I've never seen such a thing.
    Hey, there you are Texas. Been a long time for sure. We're having hot weather here so I'm staying inside as much as possible. Otherwise, I'm doing good.....just watching my kids hatch out more grands for me. :chuckle:
    Hey there, Tex. I'm doing okay except for some major back pain for the first time ever. I was just standing up from rocking a sleeping two year old.....go figure. Shoulda just rolled him down onto the floor. :chuckle:
    Knights worked a lot of the kinks out. It was spare at first. I doubt you'll have much trouble, but feel free if you're wondering where a thing is...I'm pretty sure most if not all of what was can be found about. :cheers:
    So there you are...about time then. Knight has put some good work into the old girl. I'm thinking we might not be sinking into the sunset just yet.
    I didn't have a problem meeting the vitriolic trolling last night, though I'd have reported it if it became habitual, but when I read the remarks about bybee by glory and sod went into a troll dance punctuated by "scumbag lawyer" I'd just had enough. I either want that sort of blatant rules violation addressed or the thread deleted. It's just ridiculous to have to see that in a Christian forum.
    Yeah, I'm starting to think I made a mistake coming back at all. If this is the allowable limit (and glory's remark with bybee was if anything worse) then the place has just gone off the rails. :e4e:
    You should have access to my smiles folder now.
    Try it and see.
    If not, you may have to help me figure it out when you get home.
    She's been under the weather with a cold and sleeping. I'm about to get off here and let her have her laptop back. I like hers because it is bigger and is easier for my large ape hands to type on. Takes me forever to type on my little tablet. My fingers keep hitting 2 letters at a time.

    Adios for now.
    You're a nut, Texas. Maybe it's time your mama kept her eye on you instead of the other way around. :)
    LOL I doubt I could if I wanted to....can't teach an old dog new tricks, ya know? :chuckle:
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