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  • Hi Mickiel,......hope u don't mind me sharing the 'conditional immortality' view on ur hell thread....As I deem it important for readers to understand that perspective :) I actually could agree with aspects of this school of thought, but still researching other schools on the subject. Universalism has some tenable points too...but I'm studying things to help fill in the gaps. The philosophical and metaphysical points involved in these equations are more complex than most realize. A lot here depends on our understanding of what a soul is....and its immortality-potential, and whether it is possible for a soul to die (become disintegrated, extinguished). From just a limited 'biblical-context' there is lack of full disclosure on the subject and a lot of wiggle room for various interpretations
    U bet,..I have a background in Universalism, both 'Christian' and more free-form ;) But I challenge ECT on moral/philosophical grounds alone where it cannot even stand, asides from textual criticism issues on a few passages in the bible. I entertain 'conditional immortality' sometimes as well, so teeter back n forth,...but ECT is non-negotiable lol
    Hi mickiel,...I hope you don't mind, I share from a variety of perspectives, being an 'eclectic theosphist' of sorts :) - I may share some spirit-messages against 'eternal punishment', from some Spiritualist sources....these spirits are also against the heinous doctrine of ECT.
    Hi mickiel.....to respond to this visitor message...just click on the 'View Conversation' link in the lower right corner here. It will take us to our own dialogue page....post a response on that page...and it will go to my 'visitors message' section on my profile page. Try it :)
    Hi Mickiel,...could you activitate your 'private message' feature? Or did u turn it off purposely? thanks! See your UserCP options :)
    Hi Mickiel,....see my past posts and commentary links,....we agree very similar against eternal hellfire concepts, as violating basic principles of justice and mercy.
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