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  • Central as the truth question might be, its answers are unknowable: That is, unless the deity (or deities) we worship uncontrovertibly reveal themselves to us.

    The odds of that happening are next to nil.

    We can't have an absolute answer: We can use reason or choose to trust someone's answers.

    Reason indicates to me that omnipotence is a paradox, and that the existence of one single, all-powerful God is ab initio absurd.
    The notion of eternity, taking into consideration that our very own universe wil rip itself apart and be destroyed in the far future, is thus untenable.

    While, on the other hand, the existence of multiple and often conflicting deities wich are powerful but not omnipotent, wise but not omnisciente, and benevolent but not perfect, long-lived but not eternal... Seems far simpler, and far more consistent with our knowledge of the world and our experience.

    Having (by the use of Reason) chosen polytheism as the right position, the question remains: Which of the sets of different Gods should I worship? Reason alone can't tell me that. They all might exist, as far as I'm concerned.

    I've got no recourse but to accept the lore of *someone* as authoritative. (Unless some God or Gods chose to reveal themselves to me, which I would appreciate but is not very likely.)

    Faced with that choice, I might as well trust the lore of my own ancestors instead of the lore of a completely different tribe, or, Gods forbid, the lore of those who converted my people by the sword.
    I never experienced legalism first-hand. I was raised Unitarian.

    I don't see why some christians have hang ups on the creation or something. I have no problem taking the vast majority of my religion's lore as allegory.

    I'd suppose most Christians would do the same. Apparently, evangelicals don't. Most of the folks I grew up with were mainline protestants, unitarians or atheists, though. Blame middle class WA for it.

    I just never get evangelicals. Can't understand them. Kind of a culture clash, y'know.
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