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  • Just stopping by to say hi.
    Haven't had the time lately to read many of your posts. Been involved in some other threads.
    Have a great day.
    You should be able to join it. Other have joined with no problem at all. If you still have trouble ask knight. I will now be gone from the internet for a few days. I am heading into an area on my vacation where there will be no internet access.
    Got it, thanks. We have grandchildren in Dallas, and our daughter and her husband live in Katy. Our Katy grandson, Joshua (17 yo 6'7"), is considering going to Abilene for college.
    Welcome to TOL ... Question, where at in Texas are you> We're in Houston, hoping to move to Katy.
    Thank you for the friend request. You are an excellent addition to TOL. The scholarship of your posts is just marvelous.
    Hi Oldhermit... welcome. I'm attempting to add you as a friend, but in a rush - hope my computer cooperates quickly. See you around.
    I am honored to call you a friend. I enjoy your posts. I may not agree all the time but you make me think my friend.
    Hi oh,.....not sure if you can use this or other features yet...as you have to be here so many weeks or have so many posts accrued. But you can try to respond to this by hitting the 'View Conversation' button below this message, and it will take us into your own chat-page/window. If you can go to your User CP page and set up yourself to receive Private Messages and put in an email contact address, that would be cool too, if you choose to. See if you can respond to this here now, if you will :)
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