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  • Hey, what are you up to these days? As you can see, things haven't exactly changed all that much on here...:eek:
    Well, I finally got to call all the games here BEFORE Sunday, phew. Busy few weeks, but I'm in the 100% on ESPN after yesterday and I'm 11-2 going into tonight's game. I'll be calling each week from here in, as this semester is ending and I don't have any more travel plans. Hope you come around more often and join in the debacle. :thumb:
    Well, we're not losing money, so just have fun with it. I posted an early bird set of picks a moment ago, just for kicks. :eek: Because the last two weeks that's what the kicks have done to my teeth. :plain:
    Missed getting your picks in last week (barely got my own in)...trying something a little different this week, adding a wrinkle to my methodology that appears to work more often than not. Going to test it against whatever **** and bull line ESPN fabricates by tomorrow. :D
    Did we have a special thread last year or did we do that in the NFL thread? Given the drop-off in people around here, the latter might be better. Any preferences?
    I'm probably going to take a swing at my weekly, if school permits. I haven't done much research for the past couple, but I can usually do all right flying by the seat of my pants. Getting close, isn't it.
    Hey, Quet. Don't get me wrong, I like having people step in and comment, but he was trying to bury the thing in a one note disguise to hurl nonsense at me. Only a matter of time before he's back to not much more than name calling. Saw a new thread about Scumbags and almost went in before I noticed it was one of his...apparently he calls me the same thing he calls the Taliban. :plain: So you just know you're getting an objective treatment when that happens.

    Anyway, no need for the apology. No need to leave the thread at all. Happy to have you. I just want more than a single topic conversation, especially one already in progress.
    The level of hatred that several of these posters have towards women is beyond bizarre.
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