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  • Also, can you go into more detail about what do you think it means for God to reveal himself in the crucified Christ? Is it just the theme that love and service, which can be seen as weak, are actually more powerful than overt power?
    I have not read Pannenberg yet, I want to read his Systematic theology vol. I-III. Posted a little reply in the group by the way.

    I imagine a TV coming flying out through your living room window after the game, followed by two alpaca heads and necks peeking out the broken window :chuckle:
    Happy Easter! :e4e:

    Of course I picture H&G wearing attachable bunny ears while they are running wildly around the neighborhood looking for easter eggs :plain:

    Universal versus particular ethics can be understood in a few different ways. Ethics can be particular in the sense of being described to a single particular community, like for example Jewish ritualistic and dietary laws. It can also be particular in the sense of being revealed in a specific culture and not be deducible from reason.
    Universal ethics can both mean ethics that are universal in the sense of specific rules being obvious to all reasonable people or it can be more phenomological as in saying that being merciful is a universal human phenomenon that must be supressed in order to act against it, and it need not have any particular expression, love and mercy can expressed particularly within different cultures while the phenomenological inclination remains universal.
    Sufism for example is a typical example of universal religious ethics. It claims that the mystical search inwards in human nature reveals a transcendent unity of all religions which reveals an ethics of love and compassion as the highest ethics, it is a sort of mystical phenomenology if you want.
    Very conservative and literal understandings of the Islamic sources on the other hand leans more towards a particular ethics, the ethics of the Islamic society. Those are the extremes, the Islamic sources have elements of both.
    I saw it :chuckle: You should place an order :plain:

    Weekend is going fine. Going to be the co-celebrant at tomorrow's evening mass. Other than that it is fairly calm and quiet.


    Harry Wan Kenobi and George Skywalker? I have to say that my mental image of them wearing brown Jedi robes is pretty awesome.

    Starting on monday, which is more than fine, ready to begin again now. Monday is just an opening ceremony with some short lecture and some food.

    Ordered some more books about and by Whitehead, think I'm getting close to a complete bibliography of his philosophical works. Something tells me that his mathematical works are WAY beyond me :chuckle:

    Hey Sela, this might be a dumb question :noid: but what do you mean by smoked tea? From your cold remedy concoction.
    Oh my. Poor Cottontail. He thinks these pancakes are a hat. :doh: =bunny%20pancake%20hat&filters[primary]=images#pancake%20rabbit]photo

    That is a nice job indeed, wonder if he gets dental :plain:

    Gotten any further in Jesus and the Eyewitnesses?

    You guessed right, he can be a real clown sometimes...

    Yeah, it is not the same atmosphere anymore. But I hope at least some of them will return and that a certain moron gets banned. He has more or less single handedly soured this forum.

    I'm alright. Afraid I do not have any music at the moment, I hit somewhat of a musical dry spell these days. :noid:


    I'm trying hard to control myself :chuckle: I have no idea how many times I myself and other people on this site have attempted to explain the concept of a scientific theory to creationists...
    It does doesn't it? :D

    I'm actually trawling through some stuff today so you should have some a little later. Aren't you excited? :D

    Last theoretical semester. Then I have a final practical semester where I have to serve a set period as a minister in a parish. After that I will be eligible for ordination :p
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