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  • Dear StanJ,
    How's it going? Hope that ALL is going well. I've been a bit busy at the thread. It'd be nice if you would post there about the black holes, or just to say Hi. You know my thread. It's very informal. I hope your weekend was the Bomb and that your week ahead will be refreshing and full of joy. I guess you can tell that I am joyful most all of the time. Much Love To You, In Christ!!!
    Dear StanJ,

    I do hope you love it here and that you'll stay. You are a Godsend to my Creation thread and I really appreciate your help with it. Even more than that, you are a wonderful person inside and out, and I'm so glad you came back here. I don't know what I would do without your friendship. You're the Bomb!!

    Much Love From God And Me!!
    Peace, and hope you have fun here!

    Your link is fine, you just have to make more posts and be here a little longer before you can post links. ;)
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