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  • Transitioning from remodeler to builder of furniture using found material. Being a dad and a husband ... and then there are my ongoing adventures in investigative journalism.

    How about you?

    She's doing fine...no other incidents. Her doctor said she probably pinched a nerve in her neck. Still, it was odd!
    I love new friends too! We were friends even before we made it official. :) Hallelujah!
    Bless you.

    I just noticed that we weren't officially friends yet! Had to remedy that! :)
    What can I say?...I'm just a loveable sort. :D I think he picked me up out of the prayer thread though I did not engage him there or anywhere else for that matter.
    Or what....mostly just wrong. Sorry if you tried to reach me via PM. I had to restrict my PMs to block him. Why aren't we friends? LOL
    If he is not lying, and I'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt, since so much of what he has already done is clearly fabricated, then he is certainly a very nasty and wicked man. Just what we expect of a seasoned mercenary.
    On the other hand, if there is any hope or healing, any cure, or reconciliation with the past, it will only be in facing the truth with the correct attitude and approach, both of self-responsiibility, and of acknowledgement of helplessness and need.

    I really sympathize with your own empathy toward him,
    as if there is any humanity inside him to salvage,
    it would be by others reaching to him in a way that does cause him to change.

    It is truly a shame that he is ignoring you,
    since you are one of the few willing to listen and offer help.

    May the LORD bless you for your efforts, as I'm sure he will
    On the one hand, he appears to be at least claiming to have been traumatically affected by his choices and experiences, but on the other, he is stubbornly sticking to an agenda of attack against Christianity --- which strikes me as a kind of tilting against windmills such as a Don Quixote character might engage in.

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