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  • Thanks. Since kolos means cutting off, kolasin can mean a corrective pruning or a cutting of which sends one to destruction, the tree remains, the branches are burnt. Mt25:46 could support either univ or annil but not ECT

    :thumb: - yes.....just remain open to consider universalism too,...I know it can get complex however when considering the 'make-up' of a soul/spirit, and what remains 'integral' and what can be 'disintegrated' (metaphysically speaking)
    I'd just be careful on keeping the merry-go-round going,...divert, change the subject, don't feed any trolls,...don't get to frustrated and let readers see it, etc. (I know its challenging,...but you have to craft your words creatively,...cooredinate the discussion back on topic,...and leave some things at that)
    Hi timotheos,...unfortunately the ECT threads are going down the tubes with petty issues, ad hominems, foolishness....while real research that is shared is being ignored,....the ignorance is astonishing. I may bail out for awhile, but am keeping my research/commentary posts archived in my blog-portal on ECT,...of which I have a few additions if you look in the TOL Blog section.
    Excellent post, as always.

    Thanks Timotheos,.....as u know, I reject ECT, have been considering 'conditional immortality (various explained however) but am a universalist at heart....recognizing however that there are many 'interactive, determining' factors to consider in all these scenarios,...like how we define 'death', 'aion', the 'terms' of 'punishment', etc. THEN however, we have to weigh this all out in light of God's very nature and character,...never forgetting his WILL. - some things I don't know (so am 'agnostic' about such)...must use my reason, logic, conscience with all else. Be well!
    I think I've told you the Urantia Papers offers some interesting insights into the process souls undergo, that experience final 'death',....they truly 'dis-integrate', are expunged from existence,...they are no longer a functioning soul-personality, they are absorbed back into 'God' as nothing, while all that had/has value is reconstituted in the Universal Spirit as it were,...since nothing of divine value-potential is ever lost, except a soul by its own free will rejects and forfeits his opportunity for eternal survival. Only 'God' knows however those souls that have made a 'final' and 'total' decision to be 'annihilated'. - these processes/judgments are carried out with real justice and mercy, honoring the free will of each. This scenario then is truly a 'co-operation' of fostering life or death. Our choice factors in.
    Blessings...yes the 'soul-death' theory has more going for it on some levels, than ECT....as we've debated in the past. I however explore variables inbetween and factors that might 'condition' the soul's destiny, and the metaphysics involved in such possibilities.

    i joined here to sharpen my understanding and see if I have any major doctrinal problems by hearing other points.

    but sometimes the blood pressure gets going.
    everyone once in a while I weep. after agreeing with your last statement on our Heavenly Father not being a torturer. I wept.

    that so many people professing to Know or comprehend the Fathers love could even for a moment consider ECT is mind blowing to me.

    I think about my 2 daughters now married and one pregnant.

    never could i torture them for using the freewill expression in life.

    let alone never put them out of their misery if they lived in sin and disease.
    Based on the context of Psalm 82, elohiym means "sons of God. That's how I'm using it.
    And please do, Tim. :)
    been there
    done that
    got the infraction
    sometimes not responding is the best approach
    a tough call
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