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  • Good Morning YahuShuan,

    I want to humbly thank you for sending a friend request and for letting me know you have pics, thanks for both!

    I don't know if you should be my friend though and I think you might find it more interesting to know the reason why than actually being my friend anyway!

    I recently wrote to Marc Brettler


    Regarding a panel discussion he would be attending at the University of Pennsylvania (Jewish Studies Program).
    It is over now but you can listen to it here:

    Anyway, if you listen to the tape, I think you will like the man.
    But I don't think you or I can say he is a believer - yet.
    So I wrote to a person who was not a believer yet, who was Jewish and knew the Hebrew Bible.
    I wrote him I was concerned whether he and the others who were about to speak at the symposium were going to bring up faith in the Hebrew Bible so as to do prophecy and whether prophecy was even taught to be real and in it.

    And I used Isa 7 as an example trying to say a Jewish man told me all the "prophecy" there was to Ahaz. So its time of being prophecy had come and gone with Ahaz. Then I wrote in the note to Dr Brettler that I shocked this Jewish man to utter silence by saying the prophecy of importance was to The House of David and never was to Ahaz because of what Ahaz said.

    It was always and only to the House of David, and since House of David is probably a prophetic term - who can know what all the prophecy fully means - even now?

    So you see what I tried to do?
    I tried to feed prophecy to the best of my ability to him.

    So Not primarily to Messianics, no.
    Nor to any other kind of Christians, no.

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