A brief look at Isaiah 54:1-10 and John 12:1-50


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ISAIAH 54:1-10

     “Shout O Barren one, you who bore no child, shout aloud for joy…” We ask when does a barren woman shout for joy because she cannot have children?  I would guess that it depends on the circumstances.  This reminds us of Sarah, who was barren, yet she did not give up hope, in spite of her error, in giving to Abraham her servant Hagar, YHVH still blessed her, and her child “Yitzchak” was the blessing she hoped for, her “offspring will dispossess nations” from Yitzchak to Ya’akov, from Ya’akov to the 12 sons, and from the 12 sons, we are all here today, many of us mixed in the with the nations, yet we are all still here.

The LORD has called us back! There was a time when we didn’t give spiritual things a second thought, the Bible was just another book on the bookshelf.  I for sure didn’t have any interest in it growing up as a teenager. Yet the LORD called me through another teen, and from there, Bible study groups in the Army, and from there, Yeshiva school.

We are chastised, yet we are forgiven, the LORD chastens all whom he receives. I think that the worst type of chastening is having an indifferent spirit, neither hot nor cold. The LORD has taken us back in love. His love is seen in Yeshua HaMashiach, who gave his all for us all!

JOHN 12:1-50

     Nearing the time of Pesach, when Yeshua entered Yerushalayim, people welcomed him.  We know the story, with palm branches.  It reminds us of the first Passover when a lamb was to be taken on the tenth day of Nissan and then, sacrificed on the 14th.  The Lamb of YHVH entered on the tenth day and gave up his life on the 14th of the same month.

     Yet before Calvary, he made a statement; “Unless a grain of wheat that falls to the ground dies, it stays just a grain, but if it dies, it produces a big harvest” What is he saying here?  HE is the grain of wheat that died, yet arose again with life.  WE are the big harvest of believers that have come from his death and resurrection, and when we “sow the seed” (God’s Word) we are helping to create big harvests. Yet we need to understand that some seed will land on stony ground, and not all seed that ends up on the ground will sprout. There is a difference between “on” the ground and “in” the ground. If we are “in” the ground, and we respond to the “Living Water” and the “SON light” then, we will “sprout and come up”


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