A Momentary Life...


like marbles on glass
A couple days ago I was driving to the post office in the area I grew up in, it's familiar territory even as I've watched it change over the decades from overwhelmingly white to expansively diverse. I came to an intersecion with a clinica medica on one side of the street and a business on the other that had a nicely designed sign in Arabic. I have no idea what the business is but I really like their sign. As I sat at the light a short distance from a group of homeless who'd circled their carts, a cream-colored Rolls Royce with its unmistakeable hood ornament rolled past.

Next stop was Home Depot, and as I parked, two Franciscans in their brown robes and sandals walked past with a cart of home repair items. Franciscans have to fix their stuff too.

Across from my last stop, there was a car on fire, black smoke billowing into the sky and the fire department just pulling up. I sat in my parking space and watched a car try to drive past the cop blocking the street and chuckled as the driver got chewed out by the cop the whole time he was backing himself out of there. The firefighters were efficient, and black smoke turned to white. The young man in the car parked next to me was too engrossed in his phone to notice.

I had a dream the other night, I was in an elevator (common theme for me) and when the doors opened, the way out was blocked by sheets of plywood. There was a button on the plywood, and next to the button a sign that read: "If you push this button then you are dead." I pushed the button.

Apparently it's not common to be able to read in your dreams, but I've been able to in various ways and forms, and that was one of the more interesting ones. I've also heard that it's not the dreams themselves that are as significant as the meaning the dreamer attaches to them. That seems plausible. Dreams are your mind doing housecleaning at night, processing memories, anxieties, problem-solving, all kinds of busy work. Although your real-life experiences can be manifested in your dreams, I don't believe dreams are prophetic in and of themselves. I do think people will see prophecy in their dreams when they want to see prophecy in their dreams.

I had the chance to catch up with TH recently. He's doing well. I wish he'd have come back to take care of his own thread but that doesn't seem likely ever at all. I miss the TOL of the past. But as Evoken once told me, "don't swim with the current that's carrying you." Considering his words again after all these years I wonder what he'd say now about determinism. I wish I could ask him. There are a lot of questions I'd ask if people were still here to be asked.

Anyway. Merry Christmas to TOL past and present.