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{txt:JPN>TWN}Ok. This whole site makes me feel a little hollow. I cant see in the hearts but why are people so blind? Most here dont seem to be searching. They are right already and have shut ears. It's so sad.{/txt}

{txt:TWN>JPN}How very perceptive... Ah well... I quit then..{/txt}

{txt:JPN>TWN}No I don't mean that. God gave us brains right? It was brilliant. I want to cry when i think of people reading with a crowbar in their hands. Looking 4 ways to break bits off and stab the writer. Not letting their hearts listen.{/txt}

{txt:TWN>JPN}Yeah. Must we write behind some anonymous wall? where we remain safe from ill use of construction tools? Can we still be heard from such a position?{/txt}

{txt:JPN>TWN}People have much more eloquency with the written word. Eloquence is hard currency in 2006. Debate meets its obese and ill-informed cousin in an online forum.{/txt}

and then i had to go to work. maths for 4 year olds. yeah, they get little foam cut outs to stick in various places. they get a tick for getting it kinda near the intended solution after the teacher has put it there and 4 pages of homework that will keep them up till at least 10. not that homework will therefore encroach on bedtime.

outside that im a war correspondent from the comfort of my 亞太 inspired chair. the war is everywhere. you can smell it when you take your trash out. allow me to introduce myself.... i am the ellipsis. bonus points to anyone who can tell me what the plural of ellises .. ellipsees ... eclipsed .. er .. ellipsi? i desperately need that word. as you WILL discover .. discover ... discover .... oh yes. .. thats what i learnt. 50 posts and i get my own avatar .. theres a goal ... should take 2 months, or if i match my output at my other site .. perhaps less ..

enough of the stream of conciousness grant. explain yourself.

hi my name is grant and i generally spurn capital letters and punctuation unless making a point or unless MS Word does such things for me. i teach my MS Word to do that sort of thing.

it cooks a nice spring roll...

i was born at national womens hospital in auckland in new zealand and lived in mt albert near motat for the first two years of my life. i loved watching trains go past across the road at jennys house.

*a-chuff, a-chuff*

that house was demolished to make way for a major thoroughfare...

we shifted before that happened to a place called manaia (not mania) in taranaki (not coromandel) where dad worked as a lactose tanker truck driver. kinda not as cool as being a milk truck driver because who the hell knows what lactose is as a 4 year old? milk is quite obvious but whenever i asked what the hell lactose was id get some answer indicating that either:

  • the question wasnt worth answering because lactose wasnt really used for anything
  • the question was embarrassing because dad had failed the milk truck test or
  • dad was secretly an international spy and all attention on his 'work' had to be diverted.
i have never found a satisfying conclusion to that one.

regardless .. i started school in manaia primary school living directly across the road. we had half the back lawn devoted to a chicken coop and my memories of chickens going through the entire process of being food providers to actually being food are quite traumatic. i would hide behind dad as he weilded the axe and parts of chickens ran around when i thought perhaps they shouldnt. the only part i cant remember was how good chicken tasted then. i mean .. it generally does now .. so .. uh .. maybe theres a disconnected synapse in that process for me.

we shifted out of the house across the street and ..

oh .. i got my first pair of glasses just before i started school. they were cool.

we shifted house from just across the street from school to a farm (dad worked on it instead of one of the other jobs hed gone through) which was a kilometer of driveway and an extra mile to the bus stop to school. oh i hated walking home. we had trees i could climb though. the trees are still there but the house is gone along with the driveway.

then we moved back into town while dad was temporarily out of work. at least thats what i gather because we lived in a place that instead of having a chicken coop out the back is in fact, upon last visit, actually a chicken coop.

i assume we had financial worries .. but what would a 5 year old know of that?

*mum says something about a hundred dollars*
"wow we must be RICH!"

momentous occasion. we moved to meremere (counties, not taranaki) where dad had a job fixing things at the POWER STATION. i started school at meremere primary. kiriana macmillan was the first girl i saw there. crikey. my memory astounds me. i remember trying to clean up toys by putting a whle lot of small plastic things in my cardboard hat that i wore proudly and walking toward the box and taking the hat off. toys everywhere earnt me a smacked bottom from the teacher who i now well sympathise with.

i made it through 'primmer' 1. is that REALLY what we called it? and then through primmer 2 with mrs adams...? or was she the dentist?

then it was standard 1 and mr greenstreet scared me.

"does he speak?"
*general nodding*

after that he made me play rugby. i was pretty good too but mum didnt like it and so i didnt and i got to play soccer with 3 others and gymnastics. oh .. and softball.


standard 2 was the principals wife .. mrs burgen. she was kinda nice. when i had a green toe and fainted in class she didnt want me to look while she drained the toe. mr burgen said i should be tough and play rugby. i was pretty good. halfback .. or even off the back of the scrum. made it through standard 2 and 3 and then got to travel every day to te kauwhata by bus to go to standard 4 at te kauwhata primary. the first day i got invited to join a gang, but i really didnt know how to go about that...

so i just hanged out with the other kids who dug transformers like me.

"youre just like him arent you? just like megatron..."
"no, not 'just like' megatron. I AM MEGATRON"

in 1984 arnie had released The Terminator. i got to see it about the time of my graduation to te kauwhata college (form 1-7, age 10-18). hid behind the couch. i mean .. what else was i to do with this new fangled thing called a television that spouted nightmares and fantasy directly into the living room? i hid. it worked with 'a christmas carol'.

that didnt stop me claiming id seen it though. id just describe all the scenes that id heard described to me and blather on about it .. im sure people got fed up. i didnt care though .. if it was transformers or arnie .. i didnt care.

then at some stage all the friends i had from meremere stopped talking to me or indeed turned notably hostile. they were all maori .. er .. both .. i should say BOTH ... hehe ... WHY GOD WHY!?! was calling his mother all those names too much? perhaps i crossed the line?

I'm. Sorry.

i did a lot of stuff in school that was kinda cool, but i dont think like i learnt all that much. most of my marks were reliant on an innate ability to be smart, some of them that required actual effort reflected exactly that. i did manage to get all the way through school without failing anything that mattered .. 7th form art doesnt matter .. right? i even managed to win a few things like a cup for academic achievement and a race up a tree .. second in the high jump a couple of times ..

i tried to play soccer but the commute killed that off. had i continued my rugby career i could have got there easy as pie, but soccer required a bit more dedication from fewer people with drivers licenses. cricket would have been great but the thought never crossed my mind really. i played hockey in my last year. a tribute to my insistence upon playing a sport. i got stuck in goal and loved it.

then school finished and i kinda didnt know what to do. then the marriage (27 years) between my parents ended and i kinda didnt know what to do. so i kinda shifted to hamilton and got a place with a closed bretheren or some similar cult family. kids were home schooled and they all went through random periods of vegetarianism. bizarre.

i finished a certificate in business computing relying heavily on an uncanny ability to be able to fudge results without trying. they call that sort of thing 'magic code'. skipped the graduation ceremony.


then i started university and moved into a more civilised hamilton east address with one judy iness. that was great. i started meeting thousands of people and started lots of papers at university and even passed some of them.

second year was 1995 and kicked off with the first ever warriors nrl match against brisbane (lost) and finished with the world cup final (loss) against south africa. i lived in a flat in silverdale.

1996 was pretty poor. i did manage to not complete my three year degree so i finished off the rest in 1997. skipped the graduation.

1998 and i went to taiwan after a fight with the bank and some creative accountancy. oh.. and japan.

1999 i saw the matrix five times and lived in helena road.

2000 and i ran away to taiwan .. the old adage of your problems will follow you? true.

2001 ...

2002 .....

2003 ........

2004 ...............

2005 ... oh .. thats now....

wait ...

its 2006 .. i get confused due to the doubling up on every major non-religious holiday...

there have been a few organisations or institutions that have helped shape me as a person. i was involved in them. my first recollection of church was the happy clappy self-titled establishment. i got locked in a cage outside and told to sleep as soon as anything 'happy' or 'clappy' began. apparently that place is a cult so we left and went to the baptist church. no jokes please.

the baptist church was nice but then dad got a job in manaia (discussed above) so we tried out a sequence of different churches in manaia and hawera (in a movie theatre).

then we shifted to meremere and returned to the baptist church. this time at the pukekohe branch. from then on it was about three years before dad got into an unresolvable theological debate with the leaders and after a meeting at our place involving the pastor and elders we started attending a new church. i crap you not, 13/3=4.33 different churches while we lived in 4 emere place. that doesnt include the churches we went to for a couple of weeks before either:
  • it turned out the pastor didnt like milk
  • our car broke down or
  • it turned out to be another cult
needless to say once i left meremere i started attending a church voluntarily. wait a minute...

not entirely true.

i might have been interested in a girl.

regardless. i started going to eastside apostolic in hamilton. i beat the three year hex by 4 years and a certificate in leadership (yet to be conferred).

upon shifting to taiwan i attended the 'new city baptist church' and pretty much didnt understand a word.

currently in taipei i dont actually attend an organisation called church. this timeline is indicative of a few things which are best left for a future discussion in a flame war or over a few mugs of warm sake. needless to say the actual act of going to a church hasnt stamped any eternal demand to keep on doing so. instead the tangible impact on my life has come from the people i met. the fact that i happened to meet most of the people i know in a church tends to distort the statistics that say the people who impacted me are church-goers. anyway .. examples and quotes:

"today im giving the bread to someone very special"

an older lady in charge of the communion at pukekohe baptist church. she revisited the story of david and the sacremented bread every week and this week despite all the other squawking kids competing with my squawking she gave it to me. i cared little but for the bread at the time, but all i can remember now are her words.


i love ellipsisisiseees ... did i mention that?


according to my opening few lines there might be a bit of explaining to do.

OK .. truth. I like Ian's line: there are no 'versions' of the truth. if you capitalise truth it makes no difference. If you equate truth with god then you are talking about an attribute of a person .. not a concept.

It’s logically sound to say "god is truthful", its nonsense to say "truth is god" just like its OK to say "grant is weird" but if you say "weird is grant" you'll get funny looks..

Just like any other attributes or concepts there are some things that you should be able to say about truth.

1. if its true it will always be true.
3. if its true it can only be accepted or rejected.
2. if its true it will be self evident.
d. if its true it will have 3 statements that define it.

from this you should be able to determine the extent of my grasp on both truth and mathematics.

more later.


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here post too.

'zachary. if people (人) cant handle the truth then it is either because:
  • it wasnt the truth they heard or,
  • they reject the truth
nice little theory i have there, but it just doesnt play itself out in the aether called 'reality'. thisll get a lot worse before it gets terrible.


yeah sure. but watch out. if it wasnt reality ren saw then thats not truth.
and if you reject reality then it again .. isnt going to look very true...

so is his view of truth permanently obscured by a sensory array that delivers potential lies. who then can he trust? certainly not his own belief. unless he thinks himself utterly correct in every analysis. would it matter if just once, a minor equivocation, slipped past? unnoticed by all and most importantly by he who let it past. does that disqualify him?

it disqualifies me.

i lost this battle .. yeah ... its a war .. before i even ventured forward. tripped in a pothole and twisted my logic.


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I just informed my boss he is no longer the biggest "Insert word here" on the planet.
anyone have some Advil...I know have a headache


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hair to post

i explained circular reasoning to a bunch of people today. they seemed to get it even if the boss couldnt.

er ... to tell it more truthfully .. i actually didnt explain the complete system of the world... circular reasoning (ie: the mind comes from the brain, the brain comes through evolution, evolution originated in the mind..) is lambasted the world over as .. something of a sin. you go to hell for it. that and theft, adultery and telemarketing. i dont really agree. without circular reasoning i couldnt .. for example .. construct anything (buildings come from plans, plans come from ideas, ideas come from experience, experience comes from building...)

honestly i cant see at ALL where im going with this ...


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I read it all. It was lovely.
Hey GRANT, it's ellipses with an E for plural. (said ellip-sees)
I think talking around things and speaking in unedited streams of thought is sometimes a better way to put out a theory and make your point. It's much nicer than putting the boot in with some kick-yo-*** generalisation that's designed to make your reader feel the pain of your gigantic and obviously impressive intellect.
It was a long one but it was a good one.
high fives grant.


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hair past one

i boycotted emoticoms again. .. or is that emoticons.

man i needed that. as i say .. i love ellipses .. they say so much for me .. like .. when i just trail off on.. a .. thouhg.....


or when theres an implied pause .... man that hurt. ow.

or when i learn something new and am left speechless by my previously ignorant state and how on earth did i survive thither..... .............



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Mr. Grant John Dexter has a personal web site on Tripod. When you go there a Flash file will try to run that contains a virus. That makes Grant a scum bucket.
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