• This is a new section being rolled out to attract people interested in exploring the origins of the universe and the earth from a biblical perspective. Debate is encouraged and opposing viewpoints are welcome to post but certain rules must be followed. 1. No abusive tagging - if abusive tags are found - they will be deleted and disabled by the Admin team 2. No calling the biblical accounts a fable - fairy tale ect. This is a Christian site, so members that participate here must be respectful in their disagreement.

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This is in regards to certain kinds of posters that like to come into this section to mock or post blasphemy, you will be removed from this section. Honest debate is allowed, mockery is not.

Also theories that do not work off of the available evidence are disallowed in this section. This includes plasma sun models, geocentrism, and flat earth. These do not belong in Creation Science.
Not open for further replies.