Arguments Creationists Should Not Use Part II


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This is the show from Friday, December 2nd, 2022


*More Arguments: Listen is as Fred and Doug McBurney review and comment upon Creation Science’s most exhaustive lists of arguments we should not use, (with agreement on most, like Entropy, and Missing Links, but some where we part ways like the terminology of “mutations” vs “adaptation”, and the aptly titled “Catastrophic” Plate Tectonics and more.

*Footprint Iconoclast: RSR stands by our accusation against evolutionist and hooligan Glen Kuban for his involvement in the destruction of the human/dinosaur “Paluxy” footprints.

*We Thank God for AIG, ICR & CMI: Iron sharpens Iron. And we are thankful for our fellow workers for the Glory of our magnificent creator, and we are thankful for their work on compiling lists of arguments creationists shouldn’t, and more importantly SHOULD use!