Biden has 'devastated' the American economy: Michael Waltz


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Biden has 'devastated' the American economy: Michael Waltz​

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., joined 'The Bottom Line' to discuss President Biden's handling of the economy and its impact on American families.

BidenFlation and the tripled prices of gas and food, Bidenomics and its destruction of businesses and families, and democrats blather on about caring about the poor? The poor are the worst hit of all under this senile usurper.



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NBC News poll shows GOP with largest-ever lead on the economy

QUOTE: The latest NBC News poll finds Republicans with a 21-point advantage on which political party better handles the economy, with 49% of registered voters picking the GOP and 28% picking the Democratic Party.

That’s the largest lead Republicans have held on this question in our poll dating back to 1991.

At the same time, the NBC News survey shows Democrats with just a 2-point edge on which party better looks out for the middle class, with 36% picking the Democratic Party and 34% selecting the GOP.

That’s the Democratic Party’s smallest advantage on this question dating back to 1989.

These results — which also find the GOP with advantages on immigration and crime, and with the Democratic Party ahead on abortion, education and health care — come after the Biden White House has made a concerted effort to tout the economic gains over the last two years, versus the job losses at the end of the Trump administration amid the Covid pandemic.