Do You People Realize The Economy Is Going All The Way Down?


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Previous downturns have been all about Fiscal Management and Restrictive Government, hence we recovered.

Coming right now in very short time is:

1.) Irreversible Debt.
2.) Self Interest Government as never before.
3.) Total collapse of Supply Chains.
4.) Disappearance of Raw Material Resources.
5.) Massively Arising Demonics.
6.) Global Governance upon every level.
7.) Artificial Intelligence upon all matters.
8.) Disappearance of Individual Rights.
9.) Collapse of Health Care.
10.) Disablement of Banking.
11.) Military Rule by Public Edict.
12.) Massive World Hunger and Starvation.
13.) Bodies on the Streets.
14.) No Fresh Water.
15.) Nowhere To Go.
16.) Internet Down.