Exodus 30:11-34:35


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How did God change the future, interact with the flow of history and change the outcome in this Bible study portion?

When we read about the sin of the people of Israel in the account of making the golden calf when Moses was away for 40 days and nights. We read that God is "wroth" with the people. So soon after receiving the commandments verbally, they broke the "Thou shalt not make any graven image" so soon.

Being in Egypt for 400 years, they were accustomed to seeing gods represented by images. Perhaps this would be easier to relate, so they thought. That didn't fly with God. He was ready to destroy the whole nation and make a new nation from the seed of Moses.

Yet we see that Moses intervenes and goes on the behalf of the people, pleading with God to change his mind. God changes his mind and gives Israel another chance. Through Moses, the future is changed, and the outcome is changed.

Jesus pleads before our Heavenly Father to give us many chances when we mess up. How different our lives would be if he didn't.