Firefly Light Show & Dark Matter Refuted


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This is the show from Friday, January 27th, 2023


*Fireflies Use Computer Science: Fred & Ryan cover the latest Creation Magazine, including a story on how light-emitting fireflies synchronize a light show with each other.

*Salamanders Regrow Their Brain: Fred is jealous that the Axolotl can regrow its brain and he can't. Salamanders not only regrow body parts; but throughout an axolotl's life it also generates new neurons.

*James Webb Space Telescope Continues to Defy Secular Astronomy: Fred and Ryan discuss several recent science news articles from JWST discoveries that support the Biblical worldview. The article The James Webb Space Telescope Is Finding Too Many Early Galaxies from Sky & Telescope provides yet more evidence of a young universe with mature galaxies found near where the big bang, or the beginning of the universe, was alleged to take place. The news story Milky Way found to be too big for its 'cosmological wall' talks of how the Milky Way is one-in-a-million when compared to other galaxies.

*Dark Matter Refuted: The website is alive and well. Their latest Jan 2023 Newsletter includes a peer-reviewed article questioning dark matter - Has JWST already falsified dark-matter-driven galaxy formation? - “Galaxies formed in the ΛCDM paradigm are by more than an order of magnitude less massive in stars than the observed galaxy candidates”.

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