Grandstand discussion: "Ghost's Views on The Nature of Christ"

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Obed. vs disobed. is active vs passive. We are responsible for our choices. Her view does not compute. We should also distinguish one given choice from our overall state/relationship with God. I am not divorced because I have an argument with my spouse.

howdy does not compute, because you are not seeing the BIG picture I am trying to paint...that being that there is too much distraction, and you cannot seem to keep, focus on this: Jesus is our obedience, according to the word of God. It was never about us; concerning 'justification'..I know you know this, now, remain focussed....sin is not imputed for our 'justification'...agree?


Justification does not leave us unsaved, EVER...we are saved by justification, alone. Now, as you want to further focus on what occurs because of that; which is .....grace that we are saved by: justification, TEACHES us to cannot teach us to disobey, see?

When we disobey, it is only due to our weak flesh; which has already been justified..because it can never amount to anything.

Get it? Sanctification is not about 'salvation'...we cannot fall from sanctification, any more than we can fall from being freely justifed.

I know you will get it soon......

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