One Question to End Abortion


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One good thing is they make the same argument that @Town Heretic made here in the past, I think against @quip but "don't quote me." We're not sure when our rights come into existence, from conception to birth, and since we're not sure, then we should outlaw indiscriminate abortion. It's like asking, if you're not sure there's nobody in the building you're about to demolish, should you just demolish it? Of course not, and it's what Town's argument amounted to. It's a good argument.


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I don't know why any of those questions are asked about whether it is a baby or not.
The only reason a woman has an abortion is because she does not want to give birth to a new baby.

If it was a new pair of shoes no woman would ever have an abortion. 🤩

I haven't looked into it, but is it legal to kill test tube babies early if a mother decides she doesn't want a new baby?


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Correction: "we should outlaw abortion."
( I'm generally opposed to shooting people or dropping bombs on them or shooting rockets at them or making minefields to keep them in place. I'm just not going to rule out all that because somebody has a kneejerk idea that we should just unconditionally condemn all of that without understanding the particular circumstance and fact pattern of every case. "Indiscriminate" means, all things considered, I support outlawing abortion. It means without moral justification, you can't shoot someone or drop bombs on them or shoot rockets at them or make minefields to keep them in place. "Moral justification" may sound thorny but the bottom line is that it will keep unjustified abortions way down, without hardly any thorniness, just like it does with people getting shot. (We really don't have a lot of unjustified shootings when you remove the problem we have with suicide and with young Black men who live in the cities. They are together responsible for more then half of our unjustified shootings we have each year.) All the other shootings are prevented by our laws which ban indiscriminately shooting people. I just support laws which do the same for abortion, and I call it indiscriminate abortion. )

tldr Outlawing indiscriminate abortion is like outlawing indiscriminate shootings of people.


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"Moral justification" may sound thorny but the bottom line is that it will keep unjustified abortions way down, without hardly any thorniness,

It sounds thorny because it IS thorny, and it won't even save a single human life, because people are evil, and will come up with any reason possible to justify murder.

There is no such thing as a "justified abortion." You're just opening the door back up that the video and anti-abortionists are trying to close, which would allow people to claim that since whatever law you're trying to install only specifies "unjustified" abortions are prohibited, it implies that there must be justified ones too, and so they'll come up with any excuse to try to justify abortion, and then we're back to square one, allowing "justified abortions," which is exactly what we have now, and what we're trying to end.

It is ALWAYS wrong to kill the innocent.

If there is an innocent person in the womb, then abortion should be banned.

What is it (in the womb)? Is it human? Is it not human? If it is not human, then there is nothing wrong with abortion, and thus, no law is needed regarding it.

If it is human, what wrong has he or she committed that would justify putting him or her to death? If there is none, then there is no just reason to kill that human being.

Have you forgotten that God has said, "do not kill the innocent"?

There is no way to justify killing the innocent, therefore killing the innocent is always murder.

It's why Pontius Pilate was still a murderer.

just like it does with people getting shot.

If we used a gun to perform abortions, would that make my point any clearer?

We justly kill people (or should, at least) who have committed crimes worthy of death, such as murder, kidnapping, and bearing false witness in such cases. That's not murder. It is entirely justified.

The unjust shooting of innocent people makes the one who pulled the trigger (with the intent to kill) guilty, and thus a criminal, and if the person died as a result, the criminal is now a murderer. He should be put to death in either case, because he is a murderer.

Killing babies in the womb.

Killing innocent people on the street.

Both make the one doing it a murderer, because both parties being killed have not committed any crimes worthy of death, and thus, such crimes are, by definition, "unjust."

In the example of a building about to be demolished, if you saw movement inside the building, and intentionally did not investigate it before triggering the detonator, then you become responsible for any person who is killed because they were inside the building. It becomes deadly negligence, and the just punishment for that, according to God in His word, is death, because you did not check the building about to be destroyed after seeing indications it was not clear to do so.

That doesn't make it possible for it to be justified to just go ahead and depress the plunger after seeing movement inside the building, and it turns out to not be a human being. It just means you got lucky. It was still wrong not to check. You cannot justify your actions, because the end does not justify the means.

The point is this: if what is in the womb is a human being, then ALL abortion is unjustifiable, because that human being is innocent.