Quantum Entanglement Part II


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This is the show from Friday, January 20th, 2022


*Entanglement, wives and cats: RSR host Fred Williams welcomes Doug McBurney to talk quantum entanglement, marriage and Schrödinger’s intentionally awful cat analogy.

*Cybernetics: Norbert Weiner’s observation that information is neither matter nor energy is the elephant in the room for the materialist worldview.

*What’s so Special:
about Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity? Fred gives us both the official RSR position on, and an overview of the theory of Special Relativity.

*Many Weirds: Even most secular scientists reject the attempt to account for quantum entanglement via the “many worlds” theory as incoherent.

*Quantum Tunneling: Fred takes us through the superluminal phenomena of quantum tunneling in reality!
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