Robb Elementary School shooting


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Here's the data leftists don't want you to see:

One problem with that: In most of these red states, the high murder rates are driven by the lethal violence in their blue cities.

Moreover, whenever leftists attempt to speak about gun data, they lump all forms of deaths together — murders, accidents and suicides, it's all the same to them.

Take Alaska, dark scary red Alaska, where the gun death rate is not due to guns, but an actual problem, ie, suicide.


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New Hampshire has the laxest gun laws in the world. Yet they're green! Can't be true.


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It's always very important to some people not to be killed with a gun...They will sit in the middle of a crime infested slum with knifings and bludgeoning's happening daily around them and they will feel safe if guns are illegal. :sneaky: