Say Bye to the twin tailed Cat


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And the why behind my decision to not use her. I have used her in one form or another since 2013. It is time for a change. Also the Jet was the 'Ban Hammer'. That is not the face I want to present with this new released forum under the new ownership. This board is more laid back.

Now about the avatar I presently have. It took me a while to actually create the banner and avatar itself. It’s my own digital art created with an online app. I used a figure of a Sperm Whale cow as a model. That is why she’s not proportioned like Moby Dick. I could have called this replacement account Moby Dick, but I chose not to. That’s not a very peaceful image. Now why a Sperm Whale? I will tell you a bit about the nature of this animal as it pertains to its feeding habits. This whale dives into deep oceanic canyons to feed on giant squid. It needs a quiet sea to do this. Noises from oil rigs and other machinery will prove a distraction. The animal will move to shallow water and wander aimlessly for a bit when it is distracted before it resumes its feeding. The animals will even change their routes to get away from the noise. The creature in the presence of loud underwater noises will nose up and shut its mouth tightly. With the Sperm Whale sound is picked up through tissues in its lower jaw. This action limits the impact of the noise.

Now about me - I am a Navigator. I strive to dive deep into my bible study. I need quiet to succeed. Leave off the Facebook, and the dinging from the cellphone on it. My husband’s facebook videos that he plays are distracting noise. I have changed where I sit for my study time. I tend to shut out stuff that is just spiritual garbage. Don’t get between me and my food.