SCOTUS Blog: A new legal cloud over same-sex marriage in Kentucky?


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Five deputy county clerks in Rowan County, Kentucky — the scene of the first major courthouse battle over a conflict between the Supreme Court’s view on same-sex marriage and religious objections to it — told a federal judge that they will start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on Friday morning. They did so after the judge sent the county clerk herself to jail for contempt of court, and threatened her deputies with the same fate.

But even the judge conceded that those licenses, if issued, may not be valid, although he refused to decide that issue and left it to the lawyers for the same-sex couples to confront. The question of legality of new licenses came up during a series of hearings throughout the day Thursday in U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning’s court in Ashland, but did not get resolved and will linger.


By what authority do these town clerks decide who can/who can't get married?

Can they withhold licences from agnostics, atheists, nonChristians or anyone who doesn't hold the same religious beliefs that they do?

If this were liberals withholding marriage licences, it would be billed in this forum as "Another Example of Liberal Discrimmination Against Conservatives!"

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By what authority do these town clerks decide who can/who can't get married?

Yes, I understand this is confusing, it being Kentucky with a long history of "marriages" to near kin and goats

But they do have some standards.