Southern Poverty Law Center - Irresponsible Lying Scumbags?

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Another red herring.

Stay on topic.

i was thinking about this last night and what we're seeing from artie towards me is the same thing we're seeing from the SPLC towards Murray, Carson, Nawaz, etc

it's strawmanning, plain and simple, that takes the following form:

1. you said A
2. that must mean B
3. therefore C

in Murray's case, the SPLC is saying

1. you said A (and they're not even this explicit, so I guess we'll have to use a 1a line)
1a. other people said that you said that blacks are inferior to whites (which is untrue)
2. that must mean that you believe that blacks are inferior to whites
3. therefore, you're a racist

similarly with Carson and Nawaz

if you want to get an idea of how extensive their strawmanning is, i strongly encourage you to read through this - it's a little difficult to understand what Murray's doing here at first, but once you get used to the formatting it's easy

and disturbing that the SPLC has gotten away with the strawmanning and misrepresentation for so long

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oh good - what could go wrong with this?

The Left-Wing SPLC Is Now Policing What Music You Can Listen To On Spotify

Left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, which has a reputation for labeling Christian and conservative organizations as “hate groups,” is now policing the world’s largest music streaming service for “hate content.”

Spotify announced their partnership with the SPLC on Thursday, as part of a new policy cracking down on “hate content” and “hateful conduct.”

Spotify defines “hate content” as content “that expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics, including, race, religion, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability.”

But the rules will be enforced subjectively, Spotify conceded, stating, “it’s important to remember that cultural standards and sensitivities vary widely. That means there will always be content that is acceptable in some circumstances but is offensive in others, and we will always look at the entire context.”

The SPLC is known for labeling pedestrian conservative organizations as “hate groups” and calling critics of political correctness “extremists.” The liberal group deleted four articles in March and April alone after challenges to their accuracy.


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More news from the lying scumbags of the south, tools of the "progressive" left:

SPLC Demands Big Tech Silence Conservatives in the Name of Fighting White Supremacist Terror

In congressional testimony on Wednesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) demanded that big tech, donor-advised funds, and government take action against mainstream conservative and Christian organizations in the name of fighting against white supremacy and the "global terrorist threat" of white nationalism. This testimony may bolster legal claims that the SPLC engages in routine defamation by accusing its ideological opponents of being "hate groups" on par with the Ku Klux Klan.

the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) demanded that big tech, donor-advised funds, and government take action against mainstream conservative and Christian organizations
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‘Making Hate Pay’: New book documents corruption, scandals at Southern Poverty Law Center

A new book challenges Americans to reconsider their support for the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left civil rights organization, in light of a recent string of controversies regarding sexual harassment, racism, and the demonization of conservative groups.

Founded in 1971 with the goal of combating the Ku Klux Klan, the SPLC has been criticized in recent years for labeling many conservative Christian groups and public figures as hateful.

There were also recent reports of sexual harassment and racial discrimination last year within the organization, leading to the resignations of co-founder Morris Dees and President Richard Cohen.

PJ Media's Senior Editor Tyler O’Neil, a former reporter with The Christian Post who has closely followed the SPLC, critiques the progressive group in his new book, Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center, released last month by Post Hill Press.

In the Introduction to the book, O’Neil lays out the many documented blemishes on the record of the Montgomery, Alabama-based group.

“The SPLC singles out ‘hate’ on the far-right but not the far-left. It faced a very public sexual harassment and racial discrimination scandal. It has a history of raising far more money than it spends on programs and keeping millions in Cayman Island accounts,” wrote O’Neil.

“It has a malleable definition of hate that it applies to its political enemies. It has paid millions to settle a defamation lawsuit after acknowledging it falsely accused someone of being an extremist. Former staffers have admitted that the hate accusations leveled by the SPLC are a ‘con,’ a deceptive scheme to raise money.”

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Southern Poverty Law Center Is Racist, Employees Say​


The Southern Poverty Law Center, which is best known for its extensive list of hate groups, is racist, according to its employees.
SPLC Union members protested outside of their employer's office Monday in opposition to the legal advocacy group's plan to require certain employees to return to in-person work. The union, in a statement, claimed the move targets black women because it primarily requires workers in low-level positions to return to the office



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Southern Poverty Law Center adds parental rights groups to ‘hate and extremism’ report​

The "fundamental goal" should be advocating that people get their children out of the godless government schools, not that they should "be a part of their child’s public school education."

Be involved in their education, by educating them yourself, ladies! Don't let the government do it for you!


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Southern Poverty Law Center refused to tell The Federalist whether it plans to designate as hate groups the left-wing organizations that responded to the murders of more than 1,200 Israelis and 22 Americans at the hands of Hamas by excusing or blatantly ‘standing with’ the terrorists.

The SPLC claims to “monitor hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States,” including many of which it says are “far right” antisemitic organizations. In years past, SPLC largely focused its efforts on tarnishing organizations with Christian missions or conservative ties.



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Many of you will remember this protest from march 2016 at Middlebury college in Vermont - the backstory - Charles Murray, a prominent political scientist, author and columnist, was invited to speak at Middlebury college. Student protests disrupted the event and in the aftermath, Murray and his escort, Middlebury professor Allison Stanger, a diehard liberal, were attacked by protesters and Stanger suffered a neck injury and concussion. This was one of many incidents of left wing violence on college campuses at the time and Middlebury was rightly held up to a huge amount of scrutiny and ridicule.

Murray is introduced at 18:45:

Southern Poverty Law Center = Marxist extremist anti-American liars

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