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Speed of light

Arthur Brain

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And you drive people away from TOL.
Nah, in fairness to RD that's not true Derf. People have been leaving TOL in droves for the last few years now, both right, left wingers and moderates. Sad to see as this was a once bustling and vibrant forum due in no small part to the founder's ideal that it would be open to all albeit with a self declared conservative bias. About ten years or so ago it was one of the most popular theology sites on the net when it was at its peak. A diverse mix of people from all over the religious and political spectrum where debate was encouraged including the heated variety. Unfortunately it all started going downhill when Knight wasn't so invested although he himself said he wasn't happy with how the forum was going. He even took blame himself for that although unfairly IMO. Unfortunately this place is barely a shadow of its former self as it now seems to be a place for conspiracy rubbish where even some of the old guard on the far right have had enough, those that are still here that is. RD isn't responsible for that. This forum just isn't anything as appealing as it once was is all.


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Source? Or can you elaborate?
Engineering electromagnetics imply this heavily. Still, Einstein kept the ether theory alive in relativity by assuming the waves were not point to point, and were photons which are massless and infinitely produced. Photons I think are waves of energy and not mass.