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Speed of light


This is called question begging and appeal to authority, both of which are fallacies.

We have measured the TWO-WAY speed of light, and "c" is how we've defined the result.

What we're trying to determine however, which has NOT been measured, EVER, is the ONE-WAY speed of light, from a source to the first object that the light encounters.
It gets complicates things when you have two opposing Poynting Vectors. "c" is also a rotational force in electricity, and may very well be electricity speed.
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[Emily Litella] What's all this I hear about the speed of light? Why is nobody ever talking about the speed of heavy!!! [\Emily Litella]

(with apologies to Gilda Radner, rest her soul)
The preview doesn't work on TOL, so you have to click the link to see the speed of heavy.


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The preview doesn't work on TOL, so you have to click the link to see the speed of heavy.
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