The Johnny Detail


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I've been here about two months now and still trying to figure out the dynamics of this board. Some members here have found themselves on the 'Johnny detail'. :comeout: Some of them are otherwise great posters that I admire for their skill, but bad habits have put them into disfavor with the membership and even the mods. Bad habits can include slandering the staff, needless name calling and saying false things about others. This is not how a Christian should conduct himself. There is even a thread devoted to them called the Worst Posts Ever.

How to stay off the Toilet list:

Attack ideas and behaviors. Call a spade a spade. Say it only if it's true. It's OK to call a murderer a scumbag and a sex deviant a pervert, but don't go attacking an non Christian's family because you don't like his views. That's just sleazy. Don't make up things. Post only evidence you can find or experiences you have had.

Truth Smacking is about shooting down falsehood with the truth in a humorous way. Lets not defeat that purpose with slander and needless name calling.