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A coalition of outspoken critics and skeptics of the mainstream narratives on COVID-19 has brought an antitrust lawsuit against some of the world’s largest news organizations, accusing them of working in collaboration to suppress dissenting voices surrounding the pandemic.

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Yesterday the Epoch Times ran an encouraging story — heavily quoting your favorite blogging lawyer — reporting that DeSantis Administration officials say the Governor is working to allow the hospital covid liability shield to expire on June 23rd.

Link: EXCLUSIVE: Florida’s DeSantis Hopes to Let Hospital Immunity Related to COVID Die, Insider Says.

The ‘leak’ signals to Florida legislators that DeSantis would not sign a bill extending the much-hated law. Hopefully they take the hint. If necessary, we’ll help them remember.

I predict that, if the liability shield expires, hospital covid patients will suddenly and unexpectedly start having much better outcomes. Florida hospitals might discover they don’t need ventilators as much unless they keep putting people into medically-induced comas, and those might become a lot less necessary. Just saying.

PATIENT: “Doc, I have this mild cough and a slight fever.”

ER DOCTOR: “It could be the Kraken. Lie down here and we’ll put you into a medical coma and take over breathing for you. That will stop the coughing.”

PATIENT: “Sounds great! Can I call my wife first?”

ER DOCTOR: “No. That’s against covid policy.”

PATIENT: “Okay. Tell her I said I love her.”

That will all stop about ten seconds after the immunity shield goes away. Allowing the liability shield to expire is the easiest way to get rid of it, politically-speaking. It’s progress.

The rest of the states should take note. If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.


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While this is true, one thing to note is that, maybe not Scott Adams, but all the other people that were screaming for a vax for everyone need to do two things. The first is that they need to apologize (at least like Scott did here) and the second thing they need to do is remove themselves from any position of authority. Both must be done before I stop fighting against them.

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At least the covid scare caused all the restaurants to clean up the joint...for a while.
You could eat off the floor of our food bank. 😁

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... over a three-year period in Scotland, there were zero deaths from ‘the Covid–19 virus’ amongst the employment sectors most in contact with the public (including doctors, nurses, shop workers, police, and primary and secondary school teachers). It is now unarguable that these data demonstrate a ‘pandemic’ of fear and hysteria, not backed by science or evidence.