toldailytopic: To the moon! Soon you will be able buy a ticket to fly to the moon. Wo


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I just don't want to wear those suites.

If someone invents a another method, we will hear American or another nation scientists have discovered new space technology!
So Hand in your mind where you deserve some honour. Or, the confounded birth right rights will flick in for the for the governments


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Depends on who is giving the ride, the rocket that is. I wouldn't just strap myself to any ballistic missile for that ride, that is for sure...just sayin.


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What !! -- Support Insanity !!

What !! -- Support Insanity !!

We've succeeded in reaching the moon a few times.
We've achieved something amazing.
Do we really need to do it again?
Do we really need to encourage ego-trips for the mega-rich?
Do we really feel such failures that we need to climb Mount Everest (at enormous expense)
all over again.
What about the mountain of sin that's just sitting here on planet Earth,
right under our noses, getting bigger and letting off an everlasting, ever growing smell?
And doesn't climbing that mountain start with climbing that same mountain within ourselves?
We need to pray, guys. Before it's too late !!