Tom Brady's the GOAT ---- NOTHING to do with Bill Belichick


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The New England Patriots won six Super Bowls. Tom Brady won the Super Bowl the first season he played without Coach Belichick.

Tom Brady is the dynasty, not the Patriots, and not Belichick either. When he won it last year he took all six of NE's Lombardi's trophies with him, those are all his trophies now.

All seven of them.


"Foundation of the World" Dispensationalist χρ
Coach Belichick's a frontrunner. A frontrunner is someone who performs well, but only when he's ahead, or winning. When he's losing, he c. never comes back. He can't come back. He has to be winning, or else he falls apart. Things have to be going well for him, or else he can't handle it. If it looks to him like he's going to lose, he crumbles.

There are lots of frontrunners in the World. They're not that rare. He's not special in this regard.

Brady though?

Not a frontrunner; never was. Played well whether leading or trailing. And it was obvious, just as obvious as it is now that Coach Belichick is a frontrunner, that Brady was not a frontrunner; Brady was just a professional.

He made the plays his teams needed him to make.

That sounds so easy on paper, but it has been shown to be one of the most challenging things for an NFL quarterback to do in the World. There are harder jobs, but this is among the hardest jobs that anybody could do.

Make the plays your team needs you to make.