What does it mean to "be in Christ"?

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"Saying it doesn't make it so."

Prove it, prove any of that. You liar.

Saying it doesn't make it so. You liar.
I made some true claims, to which all you had to say was "made up" (which you provided no support for, BTW).
  • The "church" anywhere in Matthew is not "the church which is His body" (which did not come in existence until Paul).
    The "church which is His body" was founded by Christ through PAUL. Nowhere will you find it before Paul was called.
  • The "church in the wilderness" is the same "church" as the one in Matthew.
    The "church in the wilderness" was believing Israel. The SAME one that is in the book of Matthew.
  • The "church" which celebrates "Mass" is not of God.
    The RCC is an abomination. It teaches that we are NOT complete in Christ. It teaches that salvation requires following RCC rules.
  • The "church which is His body" (i.e., the body of Christ) has nothing to do with the new covenant.
    The new covenant is between the SAME TWO parties as the old covenant. Scripture is 100% clear and unambiguous about that.
If you'd like to dispute any of these claims, go right ahead.