When did your life really begin ?


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When a person is saved by grace of God your life , real life has just begun .

#1 When a person learns 2tim 2:15 is where it all begins , rightly dividing the word of truth and to be diligent to present yourself accepted by God a workman having no shame , to rightly divide the word of truth ,

#2 It seems that we go thru many type of gospels , like I did and a So Baptist minister pointed me to dispensational truth , about 40 years age and it has been a long struggle to learn Pauline truth ,

#3 And most do not realize that to be in the faith , all must obey 1 Tim 1:4 to ignore fables , and endless genealogies which cause questionings , rather than God's dispensation the one by faith .

#4 Because all believers are in a theater to all he world and to angels and men , and bad , that men are watching , ( but ) angels , also are watching ( us )

#5 If we do not under Pauline truth how will we judge those in the assembly in 1 Cor 6:1 ?

#6 If we can not judge those in the assembly , how then will you govern angels in the heavenlies and the Greek word ( we shall judge ) is in the Greek ( future tense )

#7 And Eph 2:19 says that we are fellowcitizens of the holy places and of the ( household ) of God )

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When did your life really begin ?​

In January 1991 where I turned 40 years old on a mental/detox ward. God saved me from dying in my room from heart failure. Blood alcohol .364.