Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 7


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Well, again, if I'm against the DP then such a scenario couldn't apply in terms of anyone being executed. Now, that's not to say that perjury is anything to be taken lightly, it absolutely isn't, especially in regards to crimes that can put wrongfully convicted people behind bars for a long time, not to mention the horrible toll it can take on their life in general. Those who willingly and falsely accuse others of serious offences and even more minor ones should face severe penalty for it IMO.
AFAIC, in terms of the topic, then no, homosexuality should not be remade a crime. If you have religious objections to it and consider it a sin then that's different and your prerogative to believe so, obviously. That's no reason why the whole of society should be subjected to laws based on certain religious views.
What about incest, bestiality, polygamy? What about homosexual incest? Do you think that it is moral to outlaw such things? (Assuming of course that there is valid consent. I'm not talking about rape.)