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  • Hey Aimiel, Happy Birthday!! Are you still on TOL ?? I have trouble sending Visitor Messages, so I do hope this gets through to you. I know there is a way to receive the message on my Profile Page as well as yours. I do hope that you have an Exceptional Birthday, today and this year!!
    hi aimiel,...can members still buy and/or create their own emoticon/ I see u have, wasn't sure.
    Yes, sorry... he's much better. He was up and playing in time for his birthday party.
    Yes, laughter does good, just like medicine... God can heal anything any way He likes and holy laughter is one way He heals people of all kinds of illnesses.
    Hi, spotted your posts in the 'holy laughter' thread in the ECT section. I might chime in :) - I have some experience in the Pentecostal/charasimatic movement, and besides...have no problem for the psychological/physiological benefits of laughter for its own sake :) - whether brought on by a genuinely funny event, thought or feeling, thru our own soul-recollection or spirit, or if that is empowered or enhanced by the Spirit of God. so kudos ;)
    Hey Aimiel,
    We are both the same age. You are two months older than me. My birthday is Oct. 12, 1955. Cool, eh?!! Here comes the big 60, oh no, heck no!! A little poem. May Jesus Walk With You!!
    Hey there! Thank you to all. Michael... yes, wonderful Easter. We got to see the Clydesdales. I've never seen horses so HUGE! Wow!!!
    Dear Aimiel,

    I do hope that you had a wonderful Easter yesterday and that it was packed with God's Love. What did you have for Easter Dinner? I do hope life is treating you okay these days and that you are happy and even full of joy. The Lord told me that Armageddon will be this autumn and I asked Him if I could tell anyone, and He said yes! Yippee!! Jesus is FINALLY returning soon. I've waited 40 full years for this. Hope it's good news to you also.

    God Keep Between Me And Thee Always,

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