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  • Dear Aimiel,

    I do hope that you had a wonderful Easter yesterday and that it was packed with God's Love. What did you have for Easter Dinner? I do hope life is treating you okay these days and that you are happy and even full of joy. The Lord told me that Armageddon will be this autumn and I asked Him if I could tell anyone, and He said yes! Yippee!! Jesus is FINALLY returning soon. I've waited 40 full years for this. Hope it's good news to you also.

    God Keep Between Me And Thee Always,

    What type of church are you part of? I read your post where you claim that God gives sinners new flesh just to have it burn off, then He gives them new bodies again, just to have them burn off again, so I'm wondering. I don't know of any groups that teach that. Is this a new one?
    hi aimiel,... - is this a halloween motif? or just like the colours? :) - i may change my theme back to 'Zen' mode fun fun
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