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  • I may just post a few noodlings here for you on the chance you happen back in...share a little of my madness with you...I was thinking that my son changed everything for me so fundamentally I can only compare him to my conversion. He erased every mistake I thought I'd made until about five years ago. Up until then I was golden, because every move I made contributed to his being.

    That ripped away ever concern about the past. Freed me. Then I looked at him and realized something about love I only thought I knew but hadn't until I held him, altered my understanding of the word, the world, my parents and myself.

    There's a miracle right there for you. :cheers:
    Dear alwight,

    I'm sorry I posted this here. I thought I finally figured out how to do Visitor Messages, but I'm still screwing up. Lo siento, senor!!

    You know, alwight, that he probably was supposed to give away as many packs as he could. I think it's a nice story with a happy ending, unless you are a nonsmoker. Cigs are over $5 a pack here in the U.S. Is that what you call a quid? Hey, it was Delmar's Birthday yesterday. I do hope that Tambora made a great cake and candles, etc. We sure do rely on her unfairly to always do the birthdays, but she is just so good at doing them. She must have gotten the birthday software from somewhere, but you also have to have that special touch which she has to make it spectacular. I'll never forget it when she did my Birthday. I was awestruck and so glad to be remembered. I will never forget it, to be honest. Yes, joining TOL was one of the smartest things I've ever done. I've made quite a number of friends, and I have A LOT of friends who love me, and we aren't talking about fair-weather friends, but real ones who would die in your place friends. God Be With You Always, alwight!!
    Sounds like a nice night you had!! I had a Vodka and Diet Blueberry Juice. It was quite tasty. I had two of them and that's all. Mostly, I just drink water all day and sugar-free candy to help me keep from smoking again. At least I'm over that bad habit. I'm pleased with myself that I beat that. It's quite an expensive habit. And unhealthy. Glad it's over with. Will chat with you later!!
    Dear alwight,

    Does that mean you may have a lager later? Or do you have Budweiser? What do you like the best? Back when I drank beer, I preferred Budweiser. I'm glad you got my message. I can't always guarantee that I am doing it right. Not much on TV 2nite. The Voice is on. Maybe I'll watch that and also get caught up on my Creation thread. Well, will chat in a bit!! MC
    Hey alwight!! Hope that all is going well with you today and that you are enjoying yourself Have a margarita or two!! I don't know if you're going to get this on your site and on mine. There was no View Conversation for me to click on. I'm trying. Blimey Visitor Messages!! It gets frustrating! Well you take care. I may PM you today and will chat with you on the Creation thread. The very best for you, Buddy!!

    Warmest Regards and Cheerio, Mate!!

    Son of a gun...this place is like a Crackerjack box sometimes...if there was a "mostly nuts" box. :chew:
    Let me know if the ban isn't lifted Al. I sent her a PM and a Visitor Message asking her to do so. You're salvageable Al, if you weren't I wouldn't go to all of this trouble. :)
    Hey Al. Sherman sent me a message stating what you told me and I asked her to lift your ban. I told her that if I wasn't accused of being a closeted fag on a regular basis, then I wouldn't be doing my job of sharing the truth about homosexuality. Let me know if the ban isn't lifted, as you (aside from your insinuations) have been a loyal poster in my 4 part thread.
    Oh bollocks, ya got my number then, and there I was thinking I had a good image going on..:eek:

    You take care you alexander dumas member...
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