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  • Mostly work. I'm still a priest, and the workload can be quite high and varied at times. Enjoyable work as well of course, but still need timeouts for rest :chuckle:
    I'm doing alright. Quite a lot to do, but closing in on a summer vacation now, that will be nice.

    I remember Copter very well. Addictive and infuriating :chuckle:
    Ah, sorry to hear that. Any plans for what you'd do next? You're more than welcome to come work at my sprout farm. :plain:

    And yeah, good advice. I manage pretty well. I'm working a lot but it's not overwhelming. I've been in worse situations. :eek:
    Yeah the phone is a nice touch. :chuckle:

    I'll be overworked for the next year. :eek: I see. Not gonna last because you aren't enjoying it or something else?
    Have you seen the big baby Trump blimp?? :rotfl: :rotfl:

    But we don't want him back. :sibbie:

    I've been alright. Super busy at work but not too bad otherwise. No major life changes to report. What about you?
    :wave2: howdy Cottontail. Are you enjoying Trump's visit? :plain: why don't you keep him over there. :D
    Should I feel badly that when CC said, "Your question would be better posed to someone more learned than me," my first thought was, "Well, how hard can that be?" :think:
    I noticed that Stripe, despite repeated personal nonsense and a post (the last one, that I reported, mocking Jacob) that was only that, remains upright. So the quick ban hammer has a hole in it and we're back to TOL from years ago? Maybe. I noticed JR repping some of it, so his virtue on the point is now in question. Hopefully a momentary lapse and not a trend.
    I had a great smiley for that, but it wouldn't post. No idea why...but this one will...go figure.
    Hiya AB, I just sent you an email. Hope all is well. You can reach me via email if you wish. Stay well and have a great Easter.
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