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★ Former Roman Catholic SoJ (sigh), ordained Southern Baptist minister (1985). Reformed theology, affirming the 1646 WCF for over thirty years.

★ Ph.D. Engineering, MS Adult Ed, MDiv, Post-graduate Licentiate of Sacred Theology (STL), BSEE, Vietnam War Vet, INTJ/ISTJ, MENSA (since age 8), married 35+ years, one son, four Shih Tzus.

★ Chaplain at CF, Administrator at PB, Owner of Reformed Theology Institute and AMR Q&A service.

Theology proper, soteriology, open theism refutation, Byzantine New Testament manuscript translation, translating ecclesial Latin texts
February 3
Chandler, Arizona USA
(1) Wireless communications engineering forensic patent analysis consultant (2) seminary faculty at PRBS
Religious Affiliation
Protestant Christian
Political Spectrum
More right than left
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Qui bene distinguit, bene docet.
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A little bit more about me
I'm a Christian (49+ yrs), catholic, Calvinist, confessional, Presbyterian (PCA) that order.

Lex orandi, lex credenda: everyone is a Calvinist on their knees.

Rather than assuming you know what I believe, read my beliefs:
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I fear explanations explanatory of things explained.
Christian, catholic, Calvinist, confessional, Presbyterian (PCA).
Lex orandi, lex credenda: everyone is a Calvinist on their knees.
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