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  • Doing well. Finishing up the summer semester, so I'll be scarce as well. My intent is to take a month to wiggle toes in sand, read, chase Jack along the beach and take the odd photographic safari when I'm up for it. I'm wearying of all the ardent haranguing, here and is too short and I'm too happy to spend much on it. Here's hoping what's left of your summer is as interesting. :cheers:
    I don't blame you for not wanting to post pics of family. I used to tell all on the internet. My name, address, phone, pics, etc.
    Then my kids told me of all the dangers, and they made me promise to not post any more pics again. And for sure not post my real name, address and phone number.

    They look so happy!!!!
    Oh, I see them now. How precious! And she has 2 big brothers to take care of her. Woohoo!
    I'm good. Hope you and your precious family are too.
    Lately I've been reading more than posting.
    Gotta a lot going on right now.
    Been awhile since we have last conversed, I hope I have found you in good health and happiness.
    I'm not as fortune, got all number of things kicking around trying to bring this all to and end, not being one to short change a good suspense story. Any way, you take care of yourself and youre family the best ya ca.
    Hey there! No problem at all my friend. I know you've made some changes in your life so I didn't want to bring theology into it, but I certainly want to wish you well! I've had friends who have struggled with alcoholism, and I know how difficult that struggle can be. My own struggle with drugs, more specifically cannabis wasn't quite the same thing but I sure know what it's like to be addicted to something and unable to control it. I know you can do this, just try and stay strong. I will be praying for you. :)
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