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  • Hey BC

    Where are you?

    Hope is all is well with you and family.
    You were a breath of fresh here.

    God Bless

    From Granite in a PM to me: "Hi there! No, you've never neg repped me. We actually get along well, I think.

    Who are you talking about, though? I wasn't aware anyone on TOL "idolized" me..."

    Please find someone else to attempt to irritate baby boy.
    Ok. :plain: I'm not sure what I've done to upset you, but if you want to feel that way, you are of course entitled. I have always tried to be kind to you. Why? Because I see the good in you. I am sorry if you don't wish to believe my sincerity. I guess I'm done with this website as well.
    Ya do??? I've been reading the Bible and really really trying to get into Jesus and stay away from places that upset me. That thread about killing homosexuals, I think, made me leave for a bit.

    Sean starts his therapy a week from today. He says he's a Christian, and I believe him, BUT! When he was mentally ill he threw 2 Bibles in the garbage I had given him and now that he's normal I gave him another one and told him, "YOU DO NOT THROW BIBLES IN THE GARBAGE". Anyway, this therapy could be a piece of cake or it could be so bad that they have to stop treatment. Ya never know. I guess people can't breath is one of the problems sometimes and they have to stop the treatment.

    So I wish Sean was relying on God right now. That's why I brought up that part but maybe this will be the thing that teaches him to rely on God. I've had to go through a lot to get to this point that I'm at right now.

    How are you? I know you're fine! You're always fine. Such a wonderful outlook on life. That is exactly what I'm trying to do right now is become more like you bybee, and at this moment, for a bit, this place is sometimes too negative. I probably won't pay next year to be a member anymore. My life-time membership was taken away because I was a little short of $500. It doesn't matter.

    I love you. You can always email me too when I'm taking a hiatus on here. I check my emails daily.

    Love you and glad you care.

    Attach what same commitment and zeal compared to what? It won't be in the people's hands, as Medicare wasn't.

    My son (the one with the grandkids) went to work at the Umatilla Army Depot where they're getting rid of mustard gas etc.... He had to have a clearance to go to work for them. He said he can't believe how little there is to do there now that he works for the govt. No one does much, too many people hired.

    My husband's mother used to work for the govt. and there were also too many people hired and not enough to do.

    My hubby has worked in both industries, Capitalistic, where people try to make a profit and has also worked for the govt. and it's full of waste, things are purchased that cost more than twice as much as it should etc......

    My father, the one that died was a Millwright and was one of the few Republicans that was in the union. He would get angry at all of the people sleeping on the job.

    What watchdog is going to keep an eye on this sort of thing?
    1. How I work my profile is not your concern.
    2. You can start any thread you would like, you don't need my permission. You do know that, correct?
    3. Why I do, what I do, is not your concern nor is it within your authority to dictate.
    You are an obsessive/compulsive alcoholic in denial, get help!

    I do not wish to correspond to you privately, go away fruit cake!
    I have a good bit of babysitting to do. Been doing that quite a bit. Been enjoying my son, DIL and grand kids living here in our basement. Things are going so well. I am blessed by God. Have you noticed I've tried to lighten up around here?

    Did you see that fun test in "and the rest"? some of us were having lots of fun with it but there's a few people can't figure out. Have you seen that thread?
    ? I never said you followed me? Where do you get that? Please re-read my statement and notice the quotation marks! I am happy that zippy agrees with you, but what does that prove and how does it apply? Also, please remember, I have not sent you any neg reps, pos reps or personal notes except in answer to yours!
    "Please don't follow me and attempt to put me down just because you have a personal vendetta. You are so wronog about your apples and oranges remark. "

    Not following you, but I do scan the threads to see if there is anything of interest to me. Don't have a personal vendetta but I do have a differing opinion and am not afraid to voice it.

    If you feel it's become personal, sorry, you are wrong!

    Apples and oranges...differing opinions...you like someone I don't, I like someone you don't....we have opposing views in many areas and we both voice it! ??
    Please don't take my comment for being more than it is ... just someone who wants to help by advising you of how it is coming across.

    Paul is actually a good guy,and I think one thing we sometimes forget on this forum is how frustrating it can be when we are put in a position of trying to defend practices that we don't believe in or don't apply to us personally.

    As far as Mormonism, I don't really care much about the personal beliefs ... my only objection would be to those Mormons (as well as others) who use their religion to push polygamy and polygyny on young teens and girls. However, that is probably a different discussion.

    Anyways, hope all is well, BC. Have a great week!
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