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  • Nah- I'm not banned. I put banned on my profile. I banned myself. Why support a board when the forum's creator hates Calvinism?
    Not me.
    Hope all is well with you and Merry Christmas

    I'm doing better than I have for a very long time actually, been staying off of here because sometimes I just can't take negativity well. I'll be back soon.

    My son actually went to a specialist today for another illness he found out he has (hep c) and he wouldn't have known he had it if I hadn't gotten him committed.

    It's soooo wonderful to have my son back mentally. He's living with us and will be for at least 6 months because in 1 month he starts interferon treatment. Luckily or rather because of God, he has the genotype that is easier to cure but the side effects of interferon can be REALLY bad or it can be a piece of cake.

    Depression is one of the things they worry about the most, many people commit suicide due to interferon and what it does to the brain so since he's going to a specialist, they're sending him to a Psychiatrist to see if he's been depressed prior. He really hasn't, so I don't worry too much about that.

    He did some really stupid things when he was in the midst of his schizophrenia, and shared needles. I HAD NO CLUE HE SHOT ANYTHING. I tried to keep an eye on him but you know that's impossible, he's 35 years old.

    So I'm really great and so is Sean, especially after seeing the specialist today and finding out that this isn't a necessary death sentence even if he didn't get treatment.

    I just love you for checking in with me my precious friend.

    Mr. Beeks is on another political forum now, well one that he was on before he joined here. He got tired of Christians fighting over legalistic stuff that makes no big difference.

    Thanks so much for caring,
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