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  • Beloved57 Just checking to see who is still around. I've been away for about 14 years! Probably don't remember me ... but would like to post again when life grants me time.
    We are allowed to call people names here on TOL. We do not submissively obey liberal, social justice warrior morality here.
    Also, your Private Message Inbox if FULL. You need to go in there and delete old messages (inbox and sent files) to make room so people can PM you. Otherwise, you cannot receive PMs!
    hi b57,

    We've been providing scripture quote after scripture quote to you. Is there something wrong with your mobile app program that you cannot read the scripture quotes???? I'd get that fixed. I use a desktop computer at home, and am mostly posting from my desktop, I love it because I have full command :) - its my 'terminal' ;) - I notice some smartphone apps though are limited in features/functions, so you may not be able to read the whole post or access the full features of the forum. Do you have a desktop or laptop at home that you use? or are u mostly using a smartphone or some other mobile device? Also notic that you use tapatalk? Is that a good app, and does it allow you to use all the features to you can actually see the full posts of people people posting? We've been putting scriptures in quote boxes, - you cannot SEE those?
    Jesus was a blood jew, He didn't have a jew father but, He was a production of marys physical egg as her natural children were !
    ♫ Happy Birthday ♫
    God's Blessing and His Mercy is upon you! ☺
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