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  • My current avatar is my male Pomeranian hiding under a short table because he didn't want his picture took. He had to have his "thunder shirt" on last night because of the storms. Our two female Poms are out of the picture.

    The anti-depressant I'm taking seems to make it easier for me to laugh, and I seem to have better control over the Keppra "rage". I've been studying the interactions between the meds and supplements I take and have stopped taking my arthritus med (Lodine) and the med to protect my stomach. There's some data to suggest it may cause Type 2 diabetes. So far, my diabetes appears well under control. Besides the kidney stone, I had been getting pains in both kidneys periodically. Since I stopped the Lodine, no pain. If the arthritus pain comes back again in the fall or winter, I'm not sure what I'll do.
    How are you? As for me, it's hard to say. Sometimes I think I should just post in non-controversal threads. Everything else seems to get me upset or give me a headache. My wife's health is every other day is good, if she keeps her activity in moderation. If she pushes herself too much, she'll spend the next two days mostly in bed. The only ailment we both share is migraines.
    I never turn down prayer. Thank you for your kind comment regarding my Blog. As for my mother, she and my father have both passed on.
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